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We released the Everglades Rhythm Podcast!  (Oct.2020)

It's been in the works for a while, but now it's live.

Listen to Rob and Darren as they share Rock and Roll Stories, memories and music from an American Era that changed the world!

They don't pretend to be historians, they just love Rock and Roll.

Listen on the Spotify App to hear the songs they're chatting about!

Click To Open the Show (Works best on your phone!)

We thank YOU so much for your support and congratulate everyone who was involved! 

Summer Of Surf Singles (2020)

Are you following us on Spotify? You will have heard the Pre-Release Singles we've shared from the upcoming record.

A Tribute To The Ventures. Click here to find us wherever you listen to your music.

*Brookside Road Vol.3 Coming Soon*



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